Python Machine Learning Masterclass

Learn about machine learning using sci-kit learn & Python. Ideal for beginners and intermediate students with or without data science backgrounds. If you come from a Python or R background and want to get into machine learning then this is the course for you.

This course will rapidly introduce you to sci-kit learn and we’ll walk through over a dozen coding exercises to understand the depth and power of sci-kit learn, machine learning and real-world applications using real-world data sets. You will walk away with tangible skills and be assured you are keeping up to date with the professional skills needed in the market today.


Professor Jamiel Sheikh is CEO of Chainhaus with over 15 years of experience with distributed computing, application development and complex large-scale enterprise solutions as a coder and architect. Jamiel currently runs one of the largest Blockchain Meetup groups in NYC and in the US with over 3k active enthusiasts. Chainhaus is an advisory and development firm that specializes in complex blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, tokenomics, decentralized applications, and marketing.

Jamiel is a graduate professor at NYU and CUNY, where he teaches performance management and data science respectively. He has an MBA from Columbia University, BBA from Baruch College and is completing an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology.