Full Day Python for Data Science Immersive


Learn the tools and techniques to get you into the data science space.

Learn Python data science game with core tools used by data science professionals everywhere. In this course, we’ll use tools like pandas, NumPy, Plotly and matplotlib to dig into data and find new insights. We’ll learn about how to use pandas DataFrames, a powerful framework for data management, from the pandas library to quickly perform Excel-like analytics programmatically. 

This course is built for beginners and advanced level programmers. You don’t need to have prior data science skills, this course will introduce you to data science tools and techniques and delve into the intricacies of these tools.


– Creating DataFrames
– Appending to DataFrames
– Loading external data (financial, healthcare) into DataFrames
– Using NumPy to do calculations on matrices and arrays
– Charting with Plot.ly and matplotlib
– Analyzing datasets with NumPy and pandas


Chainhaus is dedicated to and passionate about your education. We deliver classes globally and specialize in blockchain, AI and data science. We are geeks with MBAs and mystics of the dark blockchain and data science arts 🙂 We live, eat and breath blockchain, data science and AI everyday building solutions for large customers and running events. We not only teach blockchain but code & develop dapps and are business owners with a strong understanding of the industry and how it can be applied to businesses.


“The course was informative, interactive and thought-provoking, and well paced. It was just the right mix of technical, theoretical and practical information. Thank you for a brilliant course” – Elham Bambaei, Vice President, Citibank

“Jamiel (Instructor) is deeply knowledgeable about data science.” – Diana Doroftei, Oliver Wyman Management Consulting

“I could not have gotten more out of this class. They are so many different sources of information out there, but the group here, in particular, has studied it enough to become experts and have given me at least two or three very tangible action items I can take back to work” – Lisabeth Wirth, Marsh & McLennan Companies

“I had the time to ask questions. I had those questions answered in depth and I walked away from this as a long-time IT professional, ready and raring to go in this space.” – Beverly Burnett, Senior Technical Project Manager, AIG

“This is the best blockchain training I’ve taken so far. We covered cryptography, hashing and the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens. It was amazing.” – Shagufta Sayani, Deloitte

“I would recommend this course to business leaders and technology professionals looking into the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. ” Alaa Lasheen, Head of PMO at Alexbank

“The full-day Blockchain Bootcamp was instrumental in helping me understand the basis of the technology. It’s fully immersive and interactive nature makes the course great for learners at every stage.” – Steve Nson, CEO and Founder at InnovativeCRE

“Very informative & well-organized day.” – Jason Patience, Enterprise Technology Sales Professional


Professor Jamiel Sheikh is CEO of Chainhaus and organizer of the Blockchain NYC Meetup with over 20 years of experience with distributed computing, application development and complex large-scale enterprise solutions as a coder and architect. Jamiel currently runs one of the largest Blockchain Meetup groups in NYC and in the US with over 4,000 active enthusiasts. Chainhaus is an advisory and development firm that specializes in complex blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, tokenomics, decentralized applications, and marketing.

Jamiel is a graduate professor at Columbia, NYU and CUNY, where he teaches blockchain, AI, performance management and data science. He has an MBA from Columbia University, BBA from Baruch College and is completing an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology.

More information on his bio is available on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jamiel

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