Build A Crypto Prediction System with Python & Machine Learning

The goal of this class is to build a web application that allows for the visualization of cryptocurrency trends, learn about Django and Python.

Over the course of the day, you will design algorithms to predictively analyze prices and display these on your Django app. Your website will take in recent cryptocurrency data, run analytics, and allow you to compare predicted values, improving the effectiveness of your future trades.

While some programming background may be helpful to take this course, it is by no means required.

We will go over MVC and other design patterns, the model, views, and template layers (HTML, CSS, Javascript), the built in admin page, user authentication, HTTP requests, prediction algorithms, connection pools, clustering and pushing data to a database in conjunction with Django to create your very own web app.

Get ready to jump on your next trade!

Why Python and Django?

Python is a high level, general purpose programming language that is intuitive and easy to maintain. Its many functionalities include web applications, artificial intelligence, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), robotics and many more. As new tools further push the limit of its capabilities, Python is steadily rising in popularity amongst developers and employers, alike. Take a look for yourself:

The Django Web Framework provides common tools and features necessary to create a web application with Python. Django is capable of handling high traffic, an abundance of data and thousands of users per day. Organizations and companies such as NASA, Pinterest, Eventbrite and Instagram have all utilized and trusted the Django framework.

Why Us

Chainhaus is dedicated to and passionate about your education, coding and blockchain. We deliver classes globally and specialize in blockchain, AI and data science. We are geeks with MBAs and mystics of the dark coding arts 🙂 We live, eat and breath Python everyday building solutions for large customers and running events. We not only teach Python and blockchain but code & develop dapps and are business owners with a strong understanding of the industry and how it can be applied to businesses.